Anne Boleyn

                                        A "Once upon a Fantasy" presentation

with a RE-paint and hair by Ken Bartram of

& costume and  design concept by Patricia Cronin of "Ahhhlamode".

We would like to dedicate our efforts to Pat Bradham and Andrea Kish .

                 The main overdress or kirtle is made from oriental silk brocade in a loden green with a golden floral pattern that is reminiscent of the lush woodsy backgrounds of the famous Unicorn Tapestries.               

The underskirt  is made of embroidered cream Noil silk lavishly beaded with forest green antique nailheads and 28 carat gold glazed beads with Baroque pearl accents. It is trimmed with renaissance-style  black, green  and metalic gold trim.

Anne Boleyn was the second wife of HenryVIII, King of England,and mother of Elizabeth, who later grew to      become the greatest monarch to ever rule the BRITISH ISLES.     Elizabeth's path to power was guaranteed when Anne gave her life rather than giving in to Henry's demands to declare their marriage null and void, thus making Elizabeth illegitimate. Anne believed that a woman could rule England as well as a man.She believed that Elizabeth was destined for greatness.Thus, her sacrifice became Englands greatest hope.She was beheaded on May 19th 1536.

It is a historical fact that Anne was responsible for bringing the "French Hood" to the fashionable ladies  English court. This one is made with German lace and finished with pearls--a favorite embellishment of the affluent of this time.

The sun motif adorning the underskirt represents Anne's sunny & vivacious personality.


The bloomers are made from a tiny floral print cotton and edged with Irish lace tied with silk ribbons.

Rings  of Topaz and Jet peek out from   under Renaissance   gothic    lace undersleeves that are adorned with tiny antique flowers representing Anne's love of Spring and the season of her death.

The sleeves are trimmed in a warm & lush Autumn-Haze Mink.   (Fur was a traditional and functional adornment which helped ward off the chill of drafty British Isles castles.)

Tiny brocade COURT SHOES adorn her feet. They are created using traditional cobbling methods, with real leather soles, brocade uppers and heel, and a lining of green sateen. All topped with a gold melallic bow.

Anne wears  the jewely that was shown so often in paintings of the times.  She was proud of her family name of BOLEYN and wore chokers such as this; Feminine pearls drip with the "B" and a Baroque fresh water pearl,

  As she gazes into the future, do you think she sees the illustrious future of her beloved Elizabeth?