All eyes are on Madra as she enters Graumann's Chinese Theatre amidst popping flash bulbs, sweeping Klieg lights and screaming fans. It is opening night for "Poison", and Madra is THE star of the moment!  Poison is the story of a "Femme Fatale" growing rich on the estates of her five mysteriously dead husbands! Being extremely facile in the art of exotic poisons, her activities go undetected for many years. That is until she finds that she herself has been tracked by an enterprising gumshoe. Unfortunately for our hero, Madra's feminine wiles get the best of him, she sails away with millions and the gumshoe is framed for five murders.

This was the role that would get Madra her 2nd Oscar and cement her star on Hollywood Boulevard forever.  All of the gowns for the film were designed by "Patricia" and Madra chose to wear the stunning "Dragon Lady" gown from thr film's climactic last reel to the premiere!

Madra's beautiful gown drapes her in lush absinthe velvet, which is shaped using European draping and tacking methods. Cleverly designed cording both front and back allows for the gathers on each gown to be "custom tailored" for a fabulous fit on any of your 16 inch dolls.
The entire gown hangs precarously on Madra's dangerous curves by thin spaghetti straps made of 24Karat Gold galvanized nuggets that plunge deeply in the back
The sumptuous gown is accompanied by an opulent jacket of Chinese brocade in Moss and Gold featuring a beautifully embroidered golden dragon motif.  Luxuriously lined in charmuse with dramatic Mandarin cuffs, the jacket also features gilt trimmed pockets.
Our star's feet are clothed in tiny 1930's Brocade pumps! Constructed with leather, cork, metal and the same sumptuous Mandarin embroidery employed in the jacket.

The total image is completed by the inclusion of a fabulous pair of hand-beaded gloves and a richly appointed, beaded purse. Both featuring a vine and tendril motif . Perfect for a rising star coming into her own!

 "Poison" has been presented on a stunning OOAK Madra with hair and makeup by Ken Bartram.    


This OOAK Madra is in the Private Collection of David Miranda.

Uh-Oh! Gene has raided Madra's closet and thinks she looks even better in "Poison" !


Uh-oh! Catfight!!!!